"The economy of heaven places responsibility upon God’s people to cooperate with Him to bring His will upon the earth. Therefore the most important requirement is a church that has ears that hear and a heart that obeys every word that comes out of the mouth of God."  (Read more)

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"There is a life in the Spirit to which every child of God is called.  This is a thrilling and vibrant life that is a gift to us from God.  He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing through Christ Jesus and deposited within us His very life through the person of the indwelling Holy Spirit.   That should cause us to be joyfully astounded, erupting with shouts of praise; God is living inside of me by His Spirit.  Wow!"  (Read more in our current newsletter.)





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San Antonio, the Capital of Change
A Prophetic Word from Chuck Pierce
Chuck Pierce & Dutch Sheets USA Awakening Tour, San Antonio, TX
December 14, 2007


"And I would say to you, I've brought you to this place tonight so I could gather you and decree the redefining of this land has begun.  I say to you tonight, this is a beginning.  Here in this city, I am beginning to hover in a new way.  I will begin to realign the Americas from this city.  I say, I will begin to realign and I will begin to bring in a new order into the Americas and into the hemisphere that you are a part of from city.  I say there will be a determining factor that arises in this city that creates the impetus of the way this nation goes.  I say to you immigration will no longer be known and heard the way that you have known it in the past.  For tonight I say the wall and the gates are changing, and I say My glory will begin to advance.  In the next five years I will realign the glory realm of this land.  And I say to you, I have brought you to this city for this will be the city of the gate that I open for the realignment. 

I say, you will find yourself saying we have now become the capital of the change and the economic alignment the cultural realignment of this land.  I say out of this city will come a new model.  For within this city, My glory will come in and rearrange the church.  I say to you I will begin to take some down this year, raise others up, and visit this city.  For I am here to announce tonight that I will transform and transfigure the way the cultures of this land have aligned in days past.  I will say to you, this is an announcement that has come to you tonight that no longer will remain the same what you have become and come into and become comfortable with.  For I say to you tonight I have opened up a realm to even say the economies of the regions will realign and this city will be known as the one who shook the economies.  For a glory realm is coming in upon you and I have chosen this region in as one of openings to begin a glory move south, sayeth the Lord.  I say in the next three months I will begin to rearrange the way I move from this city south throughout the lands.  And Mexico will begin to realign and you will see glory awakenings coming and being birthed in Mexico.  I then say within eight months after that, there will be a change of wind.  For in this change of wind, I say glory that is rising in Mexico will come back and rest in this land sayeth the Lord.

I say to you tonight I had to gather you here to decree that the need for My coming is now upon this land.  For I say, do not focus on the political candidates for I will raise up and recreate the messages of their mouths.  And you will begin to hear that the San Antonio region will set the course for a major model of the economic system and the banking of all of North America.  I say tonight the hunger for My glory has been restored into this place.  And I will interrupt and interrupt and interrupt again until a gate of My glory falls into this region sayeth the Lord.  This is your new beginning.  And the loins will shake and the peoples will realign.  And it will be heard that this city is now the awakening center for the alignment of the nations and the glory of the nations in days ahead." 

Eileen Vincent applying God's plumbline and establishing the future of the City of San Antonio through the Power of Prayer.

Natalie Hardy declaring the

'One New Man' rising in the

Church of San Antonio.


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