The History of City Reachers,
For the Love of San Antonio

A survey by Mission America revealed that more than half of those leading city reaching ministries had come to that position through a direct calling from God. The same is true for Eileen Vincent which is the genesis of City Reachers, For the Love of San Antonio, a ministry designed by God to do the seemingly impossible - Reach a whole city for the purpose of revival and transformation.

In 1998 while happily involved in a traveling ministry preaching and teaching in many nations and places here in the USA, everything changed as a result of the conviction of God and the words of a loving friend in church, “Eileen why don’t you stay home, we need you here,”.  After leaving the warm hug of her friend, Eileen started to weep and wept for the next two weeks! She was swept over by emotions too strong to contain.

Immediately, regardless of where she was or what she was doing, the Lord was speaking to her.  He began to SHOW Eileen the city.  She felt it, saw it, wept for it and ached for it.  She cried for the lost, weeping uncontrollably for San Antonio. She cried for God to send Revival, to work a miracle that would cause a sweeping move of God to come upon every aspect of life in the city so that the lost would be saved.

In response to her tears and prayers, one morning Eileen woke to hear the Lord speaking to her in a loud commanding tone saying, “Eileen take responsibility, take responsibility”!  She immediately said “Yes Lord” and for the next three months, prayed, fasted, wept and obeyed any little instruction as she waited for specific directions.

The Lord was calling Eileen to begin to mobilize pastors and those who would pray and work together for the city.  Between the praying and the travailing, faith rose in her heart and she knew that regardless of her legitimate excuses, God had called her and she had no choice other than to obey.

After seeking the wisdom, counsel and blessing of many Christian statesmen on the steps she was taking, City Reachers for the Love of San Antonio was launched on June the 15th 1998 with our first Pray Day.  We met to pray for the city. There were about 60 people present from many different churches and all ethnic groups were represented.  We prayed for two hours with great ease and everyone was excited at the start. Over the years City Reachers has stirred, promoted and led prayer in a multitude of ways insuring a sweet smelling incense rises to the Lord from the city.

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