A time of prayer for the establishment of strong, healthy, stable and godly marriages as strong marriages are the foundation of a strong society.  

To join in the conference call prayer time from

Noon to 12:30 pm CST on the first Monday of each month, complete and submit the form below and you will receive conference call instructions. 

Marriage Mondays Prayer Points

  -- Pray for a deepening conviction within the hearts of Christian men and women to have strong, healthy marriages that bring glory to God. 

-- Pray Christian husbands and wives will pray and seek God together regarding their marriage relationship to insure the strength of their marriage.

-- Pray against and bind the spirits of unforgiveness, bitterness and disunity that would seek to creep into the hearts and minds of married Christian men and women and cause divorce.

-- Pray that husbands and wives would recognize that there is an enemy attempting to divide and destroy their marriage and that it is not one another.

-- Pray for a deepening expression of both passionate love and agape love between the spouses in Christian marriages.

-- Pray for husbands to have a new and deeper love and appreciation for their wives.

-- Pray for wives to respect their husbands with a new and deeper reverence.

-- Pray for couples to spend a few minutes of daily, quality time with no interruptions to sit together and listen, communicate, share and snuggle with one another.

-- Pray that husbands and wives would see one another by the Spirit and not the flesh;  that words of life would be spoken to each other.

--Pray that husbands and wives would schedule weekly times to interact with each other in mutually enjoyable ways.

-- Pray for God's favor to surround husbands and wives as they mature and grow in covenantal love.

More prayer points here. 

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