pray for Business

Pray that the Lord would raise up and establish "Apostles of Industry" for the Business sector of our city.  Men and women of God with a Biblical wordview who:

  •  Are business owners who love God and His Word.
  •  Are business owners with apostolic gifting and calling.
  •  Are motivated to intentionally seek first the Kingdom of God and all of God's righteousness instead of being motivated by greed or the love of money and power (Matt 6:33, I Jn2:15-17)
  •  Love the city and want to see it prosper and fulfill its God-given destiny.  (Is 62:1, cf. Jer 29:7)
  •  Will build and establish successful kingdom businesses, or a network of businesses, which make a positive contribution to the welfare of the city and its people;
  •  Will build and establish successful kingdom businesses which reflect the righteousness of God;
  •  Will intentionally mentor and disciple young Christian business leaders in the developmenht of Kingdom businesses;
  •  Pray that pastors and ministers see Christian businessmen and women as called of God as ministers in the marketplace and endorse them as such.
  •  Will have generous hearts which give and establish methods that serve to help meet the needs of the people of San Antonio and especially of those of the household of faith. (James 1:27, Gal 6:10)
  • Pray the fulfillment of the prophetic words over the city:

"The Lord would say millionaires, millionaires, millionaires.  This is a time and a day when in the Body of Christ, I am causing those to rise up as millionaires.  I am putting My multi-millionaire anointing. And even in this city says the Lord, you will see that one day, even as they have said over Odessa and other cities, 'there are more millionaires per capital in San Antonio, TX and the Lord says, you have been known for a downturn, you have been known for poverty, but the Lord would say, I am reversing the curse.  Look and see what I am doing!  I am bringing you to a new place of properity.  I am bringing you to a new place as My treasure city.  I'm bringing you to a new place of blessing."    Cindy Jacobs, 2003

"I will begin to realign the Americas from this city...San Antonio Region will set the course for the major model of the economic system and the banking of all of North America.  Tonight the hunger for My Glory has been restored into this place.  And I will interrupt and interrupt and interrupt again until a gate of My Glory falls into this region, sayeth the Lord.  This is your new beginning and the Lord will shake the land and the people will re-align and it will be heard that this is now the awakening for the alignments of the nations and the city."  Chuck Pierce, 2007

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