-- District 1:  Roberto C. Trevino
-- District 2:   William "Cruz" Shaw
-- District 3:   Rebecca Viagran
-- District 4:   Rey Saldana
-- District 5:    Shirley Gonzales
-- District 6:   Gray Brockhouse
-- District 7:   Ana E. Sandoval 
-- District 8:   Manny Pelaez 
-- District 9:    John Courage
-- District 10:  Clayton Perry 

pray for Government

Since the role of government is limited in the scriptures to preserving order and providing justice and God directs that we pray for all those in authority, let us pray for the elected and appointed officials and civic leaders in the city.

  • Pray for God's righteousness and justice to inform all decision making and policy development in Mayor's office.
  • Pray for God's guidance and wisdom upon Mayor Ron Nirenburg. 
  •  Pray for God's righteousness over all of the discussions, decisions and work of the San Antonio City Council.
  • Pray for each City Councilor by name to make decisions that are for the good of all the citizens and not based on selfishness for their own district or for personal power but that they will have true hearts for public service.

  • Pray there will be no partisanship but real honesty, integrity and objectivity in how the city councilors function or in their decision making.
  • Pray for God's intervention that the City Council proceedings will truly and honestly be open for public input which will be actually honored and received.
  •  Pray that God raise up called, skilled and capable Christian men and women to volunteer for city committee and commission positions.
  • Pray that God's righteousness will influence the operations of the offices and the decision-making of the San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley and City Attorney Robert F. Greenblum.

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