pray for The Church

As San Antonio continues to grow with people coming here from around the nation and from many nations in the world, many other religions are being practiced in the city as well.  As the salt and the light and God's servants on the earth, the Church must actively engage the culture of the city with the culture of the Kingdom to bring God's life, revival and transformation.

  •  Pray for a bold and wise spirit of evangelism upon the church in the city.
  •  Pray the church will grow in wisdom on how to witness to and evangelize people from different cultures and religions who are now in the city.
  •  Pray there will be no syncretism or mixing of different religious beliefs or practices with Christianity so that there is a clear witness for the Truth in the city.
  •  Pray that the Body of Christ will NOT be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ but will know and wholeheartedly believe that it is the only power of God unto salvation for all who will believe.
  • Pray for city pastors to carry out annual voter registration drives in their churches so as to engage the culture as it pertains to the functioning of city government.
  • Pray for Christians to exercise their right and responsibility to vote in every election and to do so with prayer for God's direction and with conscientious study and review of the candidates.
  • Pray that every Christian will see themselves as called to minister and manifest the life and power of God wherever they live and work.

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