pray for Media

The new media is the primary source of the distribution of city information; as a result it impacts the thoughts and by extension the behavior of San Antonio residents.

  • Pray for objective and unbiased reporting of all news stories.
  • Pray that the news media will not be presented in a way to incite fear or hopelessness.
  • Pray for God's righteousness in the editorial board of the San Antonio Express News
  • Pray that God will move on the hearts of those in the news and print media to report on what God and the Church is doing in the city.
  • Pray God will strengthen and use the Christian Media in the city specifically Christian radio (KSLR, KLOVE, KRDY) to strenthen, teach andbless the Body of Christ and propel Believers to engage in acts of service. 
  • ​Pray God will bless and use the San Antonio Beacon newspater to publish excellent articles which inform the Body of Christ and encourage them in their life of faith, service and obedience to God. 
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