Prayer for  education 

The knowledge of God and His ways is the basis of all learning and God instituted the family as the first and primary place of education (Deut 6:6-9)

  •  Pray that children will begin to learn to read in their homes at an early age with the help and instruction of their parents.
  • Pray that the home would again be the primary place of a positive education for children.
  •  Pray for God's intervention in the hearts of children to love learning and to value education.
  •  Pray for a decrease in the city's high school drop-out rates starting with the students in middle and high school desiring to graduate high school and determining to do the work to do so.
  •  Pray for teachers and educators in the city to have a deep love of teaching and of children and for excellence in teaching their subject(s)
  • Pray that more student-led Christian Bible clubs will be started in the middle and high schools so as to combat secular humanism which is taught in the schools.
  • Pray for the right of school choice for every San Antonio student.
  •  Pray that public school curriculum would begin to be written to reflect Biblical Truth and not secular humanism.

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