Father, in the name of Jesus, let Thy Kingdom come.  Let Thy will be done in San Antonio and this region.  We stand against the evil spirits that are warring against our city and region.  We bind the spirits of rebellion, religious deception, blasphemy, immorality, and witchcraft.  Father God, release Your warring angels and release the Holy Spirit to do warfare against these enemies.  Set our city free; establish your rule and reign in San antonio and region.  Cause revival fires to burn hot in your church.  Send us revival.  Release a spirit of repentance.  Fill your church with compassion and mercy.  Let the spirit of fervent, persistent prayer rest upon all congregations.  Let love compel your church to win the lost.  Let us, by Your grace, make a difference in our generation.

pray for the city

  • Pray over the seven spheres which impact life in the city

       Family ~ Education ~ Arts & Entertainment ~ Government ~ Business ~ The Church ~ Media

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