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"Pray without ceasing,... for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. " (1 Thes. 5:17 & 18b)

September Prayer & Praise Points


PRAY for righteousness and justice to prevail in the Congressional hearings of Brett Kavanaugh in his nomination to the US Supreme Court.
PRAY God will move on the hearts & minds of the Congressmen voting on the U.S Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanagh. PRAY they will vote in accordance with His will & not based solely party politics.
PRAY Christians will continually educate themselves on all election candidates, city, state & national, and vote righteously in their choice between the candidates.
PRAY for righteousness & justice to operate in the decision making and votes of the San Antonio City Council.
PRAY for righteousness and justice in the office of the City Manager & all its policies and decision making.

The Church:

PRAY for an increased understanding of the need and importance of the discipleship of believers in all churches.
PRAISE GOD for the increasing spirit of evangelism upon the church.  PRAY  it will be exercised citywide.
• PRAY for God to raise up more excellent churches in the city to serve a rising population.


PRAY for the Media to desire to report on good & positive stories, not just murder, mayhem & mystic.
PRAY that all good reporting will be championed and applauded in the city's media.
PRAY San Antonio will distinguish herself nationwide for the excellence and content of her positive news reporting.

The Family:

PRAY husbands & wives will work together in raising their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.
PRAY against strife between husbands and wives that we will have long, strong, healthy & happy marriages in San Antonio.
PRAY for the continued reduction in the divorce rate in Bexar County.


PRAY God’s wisdom upon teachers and administrators as they serve in this new school year.
PRAY God will raise up more, new, anointed & excellent School Board Members.  
Praise God for His anointing upon the four phase training beginning September 15th School Board Training. PRAY for His Presence, wisdom & blessing upon the training.
PRAY for God to raise a hedge of protection around Bexar County schools that violence will have no place to erupt there.
PRAY for Holy Spirit to fall on students, teachers and schools at the September 26th "See You at the Pole" prayer meetings & for a lingering presence of His power for the entire school year.

Arts & Entertainment:

PRAISE God for the many wonderful Christian films in the theaters & pray many will watch them.
PRAY for a move of God at the upcoming September 14 & 15, 2018 LifeArt Festival here in San Antonio. May writers, producers, actors & film makers be led to do films which are positive, clean, uplifting and beneficial to society.


. PRAY for God to minister to the city's business leaders and raise up more Kingdom businesses at the September 28th Kingdom at Work workshop with Betenbough Homes.
PRAY God will raise up more Christian businessman in San Antonio who will use their business success to positively engage with the culture
PRAY for God to bless our city's Kingdom businesses as a witness to the benefits of being a child of God.
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