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“Pray without ceasing for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus!” (1 Thes. 5:17-18b)
Pray over the 7 spheres which impact every area of life in San Antonio!
The Family 
  • PRAY for God to intervene in marriages where there is discord between husbands & wives bringing love, peace & a commitment to stay together!
  • PRAY for a reduction in family violence including both spouse and child abuse.
  • PRAY parents will desire to train their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord! 
  • PRAY for God to intervene in the work of the San Antonio City Council causing righteous decision making.
  • PRAY for the upcoming city elections; may God have His desired candidates elected to city positions!
  • PRAY all attempts at voter fraud in the upcoming mid-term elections will be exposed and prevented.
  • PRAY Christians in San Antonio will seek to be informed by the Truth in their vote on the ballot questions. 
  • PRAY God will instill boldness in the hearts of Christian business leaders to lead their businesses as Kingdom businesses.
  • PRAY business leaders will work together to help one another in establishing their businesses as Kingdom businesses.
  • PRAY business leaders will be involved in mentoring young people; both young professionals and those discharged from incarceration.
  • PRAY for a return to balanced, straight news reporting in the media as opposed to biased and inflammatory commentaries.
  • PRAY for a move of God among news media personalities such that they begin to work together to produce positive news stories which benefit the public. 
Arts & Entertainment 
  • PRAY God will cause more honest, powerful, faith-filled Christian films and plays to be produced nationwide!
  • PRAY there will be a rejection of sexual perversion in the arts & entertainment industry.
  • PRAY God will continue to impact the city and nation with excellent, Biblically based Christian films, music, plays, poetry and more. 
The Church 
  • PRAISE GOD for the many new churches He is raising up in San Antonio!
  • PRAY for God to move mightily in the newly established Arabic Baptist Church and to use it as a beacon for Arabs who desire to give their lives to the Lord!
  • PRAY for an increase in effective evangelism by the Church. 
  • PRAY Christian children speak Biblical Truth in their schools resulting in many salvations by the end of this school year!
  • PRAY for Christians to run for and be elected to School Boards.
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