“God says to me that your (San Antonio’s) gift is missions in the nations. Hollywood is coming to San Antonio. Movie studios will be built here; God is going to raise up your finest young men and women from your churches to start making film, television programs, communication; that God is going to use San Antonio to take the airwaves. You’re either gonna have the good or the bad; it just depends on how you pray. But God wants it to be a righteous root, the Lord showed me that God wants to use San Antonio. I see that there are going to be studios built here; they’re going to come and buy large pieces of land and God wants our children to take the airwaves back The Lord showed me this and that God wants to use you to be the head and not the tail; God is going to use you in a very unique way to establish His Word.”

Hollywood is Coming to San Antonio

Cindy Jacobs

City Reachers, Ignite the Fire Conference, San Antonio, TX

June 2007

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