12/01/2016- Praying Heaven to Earth 

The Radical command attention...!
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Radicals Arise!


In these days the word Radical is used to described so much of what we hear in the media. It's today's word to describe both the passions and polarization of society.  Radical is defined as very new and different from the traditional or ordinary; or having extreme political or social views that are not shared by most people. The Radical command attention, they are going to make their voice heard and their influence felt.  We must ask ourselves,"Do they represent good or evil?" If evil, they are dangerous when their passions are not checked.  The Radical could be nation changers or at least nation influencers for good; but whether good or evil they are powerful people.

The scriptures are filled with characters who were driven by a message and the call of God that would characterize them as Radical. The flame of their passion was fueled by the Lord Himself. 

Elijah was chosen by God to bring Israel to repentance at a critical time in the nation’s history. Though honored by the Lord, King Ahab called him "The troubler of Israel". Elijah  had the dangerous and unenviable assignment of being the voice of God to a rebellious idolatrous nation. He was a prisoner to the word that was in Him; he had to carry the Word of the Lord into Ahab's court and to the prophets of Baal, the enemies of God.  We know that he was despondent at times and probably fearful but he was faithful. What an amazing example!

Unfortunately, the "Radicals" who get the headlines these days, are those hell bent upon evil. The Manchester bombing has brought the nation of England to dismay and horror at the depth of evil that was displayed by the perpetrators of that heinous crime.  But it forces a  question, "What has happened to humanity?"  I guess that is something we are all asking ourselves. Only the Bible has the answer.

Jesus told a parable of the wheat and the tares - a simple story contrasting two types of people but more than that, two kinds of harvest. The wheat is the sons of the kingdom and the tares represent the sons of the devil, and Jesus says we are to leave them to grow together till the time of harvest. We are living in a time of “growing together”. Does not the gross evil we see in many areas of society indicate that harvest time is coming; evil is maturing? Mature, full- grown, evil, empowered by satan himself, is the abominable final state.  As the ultimate counterfeit of sacrifice, the diabolical perpetrators are prepared to lay down their lives for their cause.

We have the promise that at such a time the sons of the Kingdom - the righteous - will shine like the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. The words of Jesus also challenge us, "You are the light of the world," and we are to shine in the darkness. A new generation is rising, something amazing is happening in the bride of Christ; the church.  A company is arising who fear no devil and who have given up their lives so as to only live His life - these are radical Christians like those birthed at Pentecost in the early church. They die daily for Christ and will not deny Him even if it means death.

We have another encouragement before the end comes and the return of the Lord Jesus. He said He would send the spirit of Elijah; the spirit that made Elijah the fearless prophet, who stood before the prophets of Baal and the same Spirit that empowered John the Baptist to stand against King Herod. The spirit that prepared the way of the Lord to come in His incarnation now prepares the way for His second coming.  The Spirit of Elijah is now at work in individual hearts and impacting the whole church world- wide. He is restoring 'all things' so that The Kingdom is complete in government and structure.  The “all things” includes the manifesting of His life.  Today, the Elijah spirit is poured out and God is anointing His body to be a faithful manifestation of His life; demonstrating victory over the enemy and manifesting the Life of heaven upon the earth. It is time for the church to believe that, "Greater works shall you do because I go to my Father." The opposition to the coming Lord Jesus is going to become more intense and organized, but the Lord has sent us into this world with all power and authority; everything we need to display His victory is ours.

In every age the Lord has His agents of change; sometimes a prophet but He also chose fishermen and an intellectual, religious bigot! Each was marked by passion and would have been labeled Radical by the opposition. Today, the hand of the Lord is coming out upon not just individuals but whole companies of people who embrace the Spirit of Elijah and are baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire. The way is open.  Know who you are and your calling in the earth at this time and be hungry for and filled with His presence.  

These are the days of harvest when the anointed end-time workers are being sent forth. And the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea!

Our Mission:
Uniting Christian Leaders to seek the welfare of the city through focused prayer and action!

Our Goal:
Manifesting the power of Christ in each societal sphere in San Antonio!

Expansion and multiplication is happening!

In the SACLF Family Sphere, we have recently completed a Raising Highly Capable Kids seminar held at the San Antonio Baptist Association.  This is the first of several conferences which will be offered here in the city to positively impact the parenting of our children.

The influence of the SACLF Business Sphere is expanding as we are now training other business people in the city.  We expect to have more businesses participate in the days ahead.  

In the SACLF Media Sphere, our Project ONE initiative with AM 630 the Answer, formerly named KSLR, has been expanded to include on-air programming with the leadership of the partnering organizations as well as a call for volunteerism and mentoring. The initiative is also sponsored by DOCUmation, a statewide business that started here in San Antonio, which will host an open house on July 25th where you can meet the ministries and organizations highlighted the quarter to learn more about them and sign up to serve.

Additionally, we are working at the intersection of the Government and Education Spheres in a new SACLF initiative aimed at impacting School Boards citywide. We are training those individuals with a calling and desire to serve on a School Board and we will help them in the process.

The Next SACLF meeting will be held at 12:30 - 2:30 PM
 on June 14, 2017. 
  • PRAY God continues to thrust laborers into every part of the harvest field here in San Antonio so that every area of industry has able and effective workers who are serving the purposes of God.
  • PRAY for a measurable increase in effective evangelism in the city so that many souls are saved this summer.
  • PRAY for God to cause many qualified young men and women to apply to become San Antonio police officers.
  • PRAY for revival of the Church and transformation of the city of San Antonio!
  • PRAY for marriages in the city to be strengthened and for the reduction of divorce.
  • PRAY for all students to have a safe and fun summer in which their needs are met physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • PRAY US President Trump and the San Antonio Mayor and City Council will be led of the Lord in all of their decision making.
  • PRAY San Antonio business leaders will seek God for His wisdom in how to lead and run their business.
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