Extended Session Teachings -- Approximately 3 to 5 hours of teaching each - Large Download File

​ALB-A38    Apostles and Prophets

​ALB-A17    Apostolic Church Government
                 Volume 1 of 2
                 Volume 2 of 2 

ALB-A03    Becoming A Spiritual Man

                  Volume 1 of 2

​                  Volume 2 of 2

ALB-A02    City Church, The

ALB-A06    City Shaking Faith

ALB-A19    Fathering

ALB-A01    Fight of Faith, The

ALB-A09    Five Steps to Powerful Praying

ALB-A05    Fulfillment of Prophecy

ALB-A22    Kingdom of God, The

ALB-A18    Melchizedek Priesthood, The

                 Volume 1 of 2

​                 Volume 2 of 2

ALB-A04    New Testament Church

ALB-A21    Possessing Our Cities for God

ALB-A07    Power of the Cross, The

ALB-A20    Real Warring Faith

ALB-A08    Return of the Elijah Ministry

ALB-A10    Sons Can Change the World, Babies Can't Do Anything

ALB-A12    Suddenly He Comes

ALB-A27    Talking to Leaders

ALB-A15    Warring Priesthood, A



Mustard Seed

Alan and his wife, Eileen, moved to the USA in 1991 and a new phase of ministry evolved.  Through his revelatory teaching gift, he has empowered hungry Christians to new depths of understanding resulting in transformed lives and ministries.  For ten years, he taught regular Schools of the Word. These were 5-full day teachings when he was able to lay out in detail his insight and revelation concerning faith, the Kingdom of God, Fatherhood, the Melchizedek Priesthood, The Tabernacle of David...and much more. His depth of knowledge flowed from his own voracious appetite for the Word of God and his intellectual pursuit of truth. This led to the extensive range of subjects covered in the Schools of the Word.  MP3's  of the Schools of the Word and many other timeless, classic messages which will establish foundations in the depths of new revelation are available here. 

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